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The American Dream TV


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    What is The American Dream TV?

    The American Dream is a national TV show, and EMMY nominated production team. A real show, not a reality show featuring the best in real estate as THE VOICE for their markets.

    The show is on major cable networks, digital, and garnering tens of millions of views every month socially.

    This is a national network of elite professionals in real estate and mortgage


    Why list your home for sale with an ADTV power player?

    Exposure. Millions of viewers. Get your home in front of the most people, the network of top real estate agents across the country, and the buyers they serve.


    Get your home or business on TV!

    Do you have a show-worthy home coming to market soon? Nominate yourself or a friend to be featured on the show.

    We’re looking for positive real stories to highlight the amazing cities we live and work in. Call us directly or submit an idea above now!


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